Welcome to TOUTARO

TOUTARO is located in an area where you can encounter the majestic nature of Ena. You will smack your lips in anticipation when you see our wonderful cuisine that we make with seasonal local ingredients. Please fully enjoy a journey to Ena to your heart’s content here. The warm and kindhearted young ladies of TOUTARO will offer you hospitality with heartfelt services. Please spend a tranquil time in the serene atmosphere here.

Bacic Information

Address: 2710-323 Oi-cho, Ena-shi, Gifu, 509-7201
Phone 0573-25-5048 / FAX 0573-25-7001
From 3:00p.m./Up to 10:00a.m.


We offer hospitality with kaiseki ryori (course meal) that provides plenty of variety – from classic dishes to creative dishes – made by young masters who are craftsmen of Japanese food using local seasonal ingredients which are the blessings of the nature in Ena.

Special Menu

Plenty of Matsutake Mushrooms (September to November)

Matsutake mushroom is a high-quality ingredient that offers the taste of the fall. You can enjoy specially selected dishes making
use of plenty of fresh matsutake mushrooms picked in the mountains – from classic to creative dishes.

土瓶蒸し 松茸

	Plenty of Hida Beef

We serve lavish kaiseki ryori (course meal) that allows you to experience the delicious of the Hida beef produced in Gifu Prefecture.

Standard Menu

Seasonal Kaiseki Ryori

The Kaiseki ryori (course meal) made with pride by the young masters here showing off their skills is cuisine that also looks great. Please savor dishes made with plenty of famous products of Ena and seasonal ingredients collected locally.


We serve delicious breakfasts with dishes that go great with rice, such as grilled fish, eggs, miso soup and more.

・Our dishes change depending on the season.
・Please understand that our dishes may depend on the weather and the ingredients we are able to purchase.
・Please contact us in advance if you have a food allergy. We will change the ingredients as far as possible.


Please enjoy a tranquil time in a serene atmosphere with the heartfelt hospitality of young ladies full of warmth and kindness while you are entranced by the charms of your relaxing trip.


This is a bath made of hinoki cypress. The faint fragrance of the hinoki cypress and hot water will relieve you of the tiredness of your trip from your very soul. Please savor a relaxing and enjoyable time while looking out at the appearance which changes with the season.

The reception hall on the first floor serves as the venue for both breakfast and dinner. Please savor kaiseki ryori (course meal) made with pride by the young masters and delicious local sake in this open space.

Banquet Room

Our entranceway with a calm Japanese-style atmosphere is the graceful symbol of TOUTARO. You can enjoy a relaxing chat in the reception lobby. Please use this as a place to unwind.

There is space for about 30 standard size cars in the parking lot.

Inn Information

No. of Guest Rooms:13 Japanese-style rooms
Facilities:Indoor bath, reception lobby, reception hall, vending machines, smoking space and parking lot
Amenities:Heating in all rooms, television, hand towels, body soap, shampoo, soap, toothpaste sets, combs/brushes
      and yukatas (light cotton kimonos)


Access to TOUTARO

Address: 2710-323 Oi-cho, Ena-shi, Gifu, 509-7201
6 minutes by car from Ena IC / 6 minutes by car
from Ena Station

Visitors Coming from the Tokyo Direction

Visitors Coming from the Nagoya Station

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